Sponsor a CeCe Bear

Sponsor a CeCe Bear

Your generous donation will be used to provide CeCe Bears® to children diagnosed with epilepsy across the country, as well as provide financial support to organizations that help families who are challenged paying for medical treatments and other costs. 

CeCe Cares focuses on effectively and efficiently utilizing your compassionate contributions to have the greatest positive impact on as many children as possible

1.  Donate by Mail:  send your check made out to:
       CeCe Cares, 566 W. Lake Street, Suite 310, Chicago, IL  60661.

2.  Donate by Phone:  1-312-207-2369 x225

3.  Donate Online (use the form below):

Choose either a Single One-Time Donation or Recurring Donation
(not both)

CeCe Cares Pediatric Epilepsy Foundation
Sponsor a CeCe Bear with the CeCe Cares Pediatric Epilepsy Foundation

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